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Key-Worker System

The role of the key person

Children's learning and development

The key worker helps to ensure that every child's learning and care is tailored to meet their individual needs. This is achieved through regular observation and assessment of children, using information gathered about their achievements, interests and learning styles to plan for each child's learning and development.


If a child's progress in any of the prime areas gives cause for concern, the key worker will discuss this with the Pre-school Leads or SENDCO and the child's parents/carers.



The key worker has a responsibility towards their key children to report any concern about their development, welfare or child protection matter to the Pre-School Leads, DSL and DDSL and follow the procedures in this respect.


Regular supervision with the Pre-school Leads provides further opportunities to discuss the progress and welfare of children.


The back-up key Worker

The role of the back-up key worker is to step in when the main key worker is absent or unavailable in order to provide a stable and consistent care relationship for the child.


The back-up key worker is identified when the child starts, but is not introduced to the child until an attachment is beginning to form with the key worker.